Interactive session on CBL in medicine

(MEFANET, November 2019, Brno)

Czech Republic, November 28 – 29, 2019

The goal of this event is to synthesize the main characteristics of the CBL learning style, present the set of piloting virtual patient cases and to provide the authors of VPC feedback from their trainers and presented audience.

The attendees of the CLEVER event will be medical teachers, medical students, IT staff, faculty management members etc. who will participate to MEFANET 2019 conference. The participants and the international guest will be invited based on their works in CBL field. Their opinions will enrich the deliverables of the first three IOs.

MEFANET conference is at the 12th year and now it is very well known as the main meeting for all medical and healthcare faculties involved in the network. The workshop will use the opportunity given by the presence of more than 150 delegates and more than 30 foreign guests who are expected to participate in the MEFANET 2019 conference and at least 50 of them are expected to take part in the CLEVER workshop that has to prove how the VPC resources and CBL activities can be better used in order to enhance clinical competencies.

Workshop on tools for VPCs

(Students Conference ISMCK, June 2020, Kosice)

Slovakia, June 26 – 27, 2020

The goal of this event is to present to the Slovakian students the implemented ICT platforms and the so far authored/reviewed virtual patient cases.

To this CLEVER event will be invited specialists in CBL and students who have professional interests in this field. Their feedback will be very useful to improve the quality of the VPCs developed and implemented in the VPCs management system.

The 12th edition of ISMCK which will take place in June 2020 will be the main student event in Slovakia. During the workshop scheduled within ISMCK 2020, the students will be able to train themselves using the virtual patient cases and to give a feedback concerning the quality and the complexity of the virtual cases and the new methodology implemented through the virtual-case based learning implemented through the ICT platforms. The gather feedback data will be used in continuous data analytical activities.

Workshop on ICT facilitating simulations and technology-enhanced learning

(Medical Informatics Conference, October, 2020, Iasi)

Romania, October 15 – 17, 2020

The goal of this event is to present to the entire community of Romanian Medical Informatics specialists the advantages of the CBL/VPC approach for clinical education and demonstrate the ICT platforms for virtual patient delivery – implemented at UMFIASI.

The specialists interested in the field of CBL will be invited to this CLEVER event in order to find out and to comment this fresh implementation of VPCs management system. Also, they will analyze and decide the premises and the solutions to implement the VPCs management system in all Romanian medical schools.

The Medical Informatics Conference is the main event within the medical informatics specialists from Romania. The conference will be attended by more than 100 medical informatics professionals from Romania, Republic of Moldova and other countries.

The workshop will last an entire day and will have to sections: the first panel will be dedicated to the theoretical aspects and requirements and the second one will be a hands-on session of developing, authoring and reviewing the virtual cases. The results obtained during O2-A1 (Needs analysis), O4-A2 (Evaluation data gathering) and O4-A3 (Evaluation data analysis) will be used.

Workshop on clinical reasoning and decision-making

(Students Conference ISMCK, June 2021, Kosice)

Slovakia, June 25 – 26, 2021

The goal of this event is to promote and to refine the results of the data analysis almost finished in O4-A3.

The 13th edition of ISMCK which will take place in June 2021 is the main student event in Slovakia that is attended by many teachers.

To this workshop will be invited students and specialists with interests in the field of CBL and eager to know the impact of the implementation of CLEVER project.

During the workshop scheduled within ISMCK 2021, more than 200 students who will attend the event will be able to review the VPCs that will be already implemented and e-published doe further exploitation and evaluation. The event will expose the results of the CLEVER project and will mark the closure of the project.