ase-based LEarning and Virtual cases to fostER critical thinking skills of students

Project Highlights

The most important result of CLEVER implementation is the creation of a pool of relevant clinical cases database with their development and tools of direct student involvement in their solving (in relation to existing internationally accepted evidence based clinical guidelines). In the dissemination phase of the project, the wider implementation of the online platform (owing to the dissemination activities and the multiplier events) will generate a continuously increasing learning foundation which will benefit an increasing base of students from multiple higher education institutions.

The dissemination activities are designed to valorize the results (the VPC created during the project managed by the ICT platform) on two axes:

  • toward the resident and specialist doctors via the medical societies (the medical societies are the professional organizations of doctors);
  • to a complex training system that will be composed by VPCs and medical simulation. The last skill development technique received a very significant importance due to several causes, from ethics to technological developments. This dual form of training (CBL + medical simulation) is very suitable for supporting the Continuous Medical Education specific to all physicians and has to become the basis of the lifelong training of student, resident and specialist doctors.

This is the strategic approach of this project, to put together CBL and medical simulation and to develop such complex training mix in order to be used during the training or assessing sessions specific to all exams for medical competences that a doctor has to pass during his professional life with a special focus on evidence based care and multidisciplinary approaches.

Increasing knowledge on how the learning process works, its strengths and weaknesses will generate a significant, distinct change in the way clinical teaching is set up and carried out in all medical schools at all levels.

Project Overview



In order to achieve a good training of medical students towards this goal, the teaching and learning processes require a different approach – significantly more complex than the traditional information feeding.



Education for clinical practice is a complex process, involving the development of a body of knowledge, skills and multiple aspects of professionalism. Traditional approaches, with modules in single discipline biosciences, bear little relationship to eventual learner needs for clinical practice.



Open education and innovative practices in a digital era * Development of relevant and high-quality skills and competences * Developing skills – supporting the use of digital technologies to improve pedagogies and assessment methods



CLEVER will put together both the know-how in VPCs management of MU and UPJS and the experience in ICT based medical teaching and assessing of UMF, in the benefit of all three partners.



he CLEVER project will deliver training courses to educators-clinicians and educators-engineers from UMFIASI, MU and UPJS



The University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Grigore T. Popa” Iasi is a public institution of advanced scientific research and higher education. The scientific research activity is the main goal of the academic mission, giving an adequate educational and forming process for Bachelor’s degree, Master and PhD study programs.


We believe that education is not just a matter of age or social status. We actively support research. We are open-minded and dedicated to influencing the lives of people around us.


At present the University has five faculties – Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Science, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Public Administration and Faculty of Arts – which prepare physicians and dentists, experts in natural sciences, mathematics and informatics, teachers, lawyers, specialists for public administration and specialists for psychology, philosophy and theory of communication. 

innovative & complementary


The CLEVER project stands out as highly innovative both pedagogically and technologically.

From the pedagogical point of view, it addresses better than anything in practice today the fundamental goal of safe clinical training. Although skills can be shaped through guides and practical sessions, decision making and clinical management skills require the student to be in the position to make those decisions and to have the real appropriate feed-back of his/her decisions.

Added value

The CLEVER project embodies a number of training, teaching and learning activities, to ensure the seamless implementation of CBL sessions with the use of VPCs into the curricula of the clinical subjects, and to create a positive didactic and pedagogic change in student learning. The main training activity will have the form of a short-term joint staff training and this will be followed by several sessions organized during project meetings and multiplier events.

complementary projects

MEFANET has established itself as the standard setting body for medical educators in the Czech Republic and Slovakia – two independent countries that once comprised a federation, having similar languages and still managing to retain the same curricular structure for medical education.

One of the basic goals of the network is to advance medical teaching and learning with the use of modern information and communication technologies.

As an instrument, MEFANET has decided to develop an original and uniform solution for educational web portals that are used, together with a central gateway, to offer and share digital education content.

In 2007-2014, MEFANET was being supported by two projects financed by European Social Fund: MEFANET I: standard e-publishing platform, MEFANET II: clinical reasoning.

The latter project used several different approaches to VPCs.